Thursday, February 25, 2010

What weather! Here in South Florida, we have gone from freezing (literally!) to hot to sun that deceives you into thinking its lovely outside...and its still rather chilly. I'm sure my garden is confused.

I have been thinking a lot about self-sustainability. When you go to a supermarket and everything is shrink wrapped and pre-parceled, it removes you from all of the work that goes into producing food. You don't think about how many hours of work are devoted to making sure the soil is the correct pH, propagating plants from seed or cuttings, protecting the young plants from the elements, fertilizing, watering, harvesting... Its harder to appreciate what you are purchasing when you simply grab a package that tells that what's inside is edible.

Last year, my mom started a "Victory Garden;" it was nowhere near enough to sustain a family, but it did supplement the families diet. Now that I am moved out (again) I have my own garden. My front porch is littered with containers, holding the juvenile version of what will soon be a salad, or a pesto sauce, or a pineapple smoothie... I'm so excited! And I have so much more planned!

I also need to find the farmer's markets in my area--my hometown had a market every Wednesday afternoon.