Thursday, October 21, 2010

Garden update

In gardening news, I managed to get my hands on a free strawberry plant a couple months ago and have since transplanted it into a terracotta strawberry pot.  Its still new so it probably won't fruit for a while.  My new Russian tarragon plant looks awful.  It has several stems all coming up from the same spot.  I may move it to a new container where it has more room for its roots to spread.  Tarragon normally thrives from benign neglect, this one does not seem to be doing so.  The oregano I received my boyfriends mother is doing much better.  Its spilling out, draping nicely over the edge of the container.  My Sweet Peas started out a bit leggy, but are crawling up their stakes.  The moon flower grows a little more every day.  I can't wait for it to really bloom! 
I have moved all of the plants to the back porch where the direct sunlight they get is in the morning hours.  They don't burn, they don't dry out to quickly, etc.  I'm still adjusting to the "except in Florida" adendum I have to make, "Tarragon enjoys poor soils and thrives in drought...except in Florida." 

Everyday I learn a little more.


I am an avid knitter and always have something in the works.  Lately it is socks!  A few months back a dear friend bought me some of the most beautiful sock yarn, it is aptly named "Chocolate-covered fruit."  I had sock needles, now I have sock yarn.  While there are many, many patterns for socks, since I am teaching myself I picked a basic ribbed version, one with out a lot of fancy stitches that will only get lost in the colours of the yarn. 

Unfortunately I can't find the camera, and my phone simply does not do the yarn justice so pictures will have to come later.